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Currently offering these services in Florida, USA

Yoga at the Fire Island Hotel

Offering open-level yoga classes June-September each year in Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island NY Open group classes starting at $20 per person 

Private Yoga

One on One class catered to your physical needs and long term health and wellness goals

Start at $120  

Private Group Yoga

Intimate class for you and your loved ones, co-workers, bachelorette parties and more. 

Depending on group size starting at $120

Prenatal Yoga

Classes designed for pregnant women in all 3 trimesters to connect with the transformation of journeying  into motherhood, paying close attention to your growing body and growing baby. One on One Starting at $120

Postpartum Yoga

Gentle, restorative yoga focusing on bringing range of motion and movement into the body, increasing circulation and connecting to your body after-baby. One on One Starting at $120

Baby and Me Yoga

A yoga practice that includes both parent and baby. Increases circulation, range of motion and cognition for your growing baby as well as movement and light hearted fun for the new parent. Starting at $120

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