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Nourishing the Mother

Improving outcomes for new and growing families

Postpartum Massage

 Reduces swelling after birth, Increase Mobility, Reduce aches and pains, nurture the new parents

  • Service starting at $175 

Postpartum Doula

Supporting and caring for the new mother, providing feeding support, traditional techniques and ceremonies to promote postpartum healing including providing herbal remedies.

  • Movement Tutorial and Diastasis Recti Check

  • Belly Binding and Tutorial for at home Application of Bind

  • Warm Oil Application

  • Yoni Steam & Sitz Bath

  • Closing of the Bones Traditional binding and closing ceremony

Additional services can be included: nourishing warming foods to support optimal healing as well as meal preparation and traditional modalities for swift and easeful recovery after birth. 

  • Service starting at $150 

Postpartum Nutrition Consultation

Warming nutritive foods can help mothers feel strong after giving birth, I help guide new families during this very special time to create routines to implement warm nourishing foods into their diet supporting family health. 

  • Service starting at $150

Postpartum Yoga

Gentle, restorative practice to help bring movement and mobility back into the body after birth and feeding. 

  • Private Service starting at $120

Baby and Me Yoga

A yoga practice that includes both parent and baby. Increases circulation, range of motion and cognition for your growing baby as well as movement and light hearted fun for the new parent. 

  • Open group classes held at the Fire Island Hotel starting at $20 per person

  • Private sessions depending on group size starting at $120

  • One on one classes starting at $120

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