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  • Kristina Boccio

Garlic Honey Fermentation

Garlic honey packs a serious immune boosting punch that smells more potent than it tastes. This time tested classic is a simple and easy way to get the antimicrobial properties of garlic with the delicious flavor and antioxidant rich benefits of honey into your lifestyle.



Peeled garlic


A jar with a lid

A piece of plastic wrap

A pen and label for your jar


Fill your jar with as much peeled garlic as you would like. Cover with enough honey that the garlic is fully covered and coated.

Place the thin pice of plastic wrap over the mouth of your jar and gently place the lid on. Do not fully tighten so air can escape as the honey and garlic ferments.

Create a label to open one month from the day you create your garlic honey. Let sit for at least one week before sampling and using your honey. A few times a week tighten the jar and shake the garlic honey to make sure the garlic is still covered with honey.

After one month of fermentation transfer the garlic honey to the fridge.

You will notice bubbles start to form and a pop of air may escape if you tighten the jar too much, this is good affirmation that the garlic honey is doing its thing!

The honey will become more liquified as the garlic juices leach into the honey!

Usage: Garlic honey is delicious by the spoonful, made into marinades, salad dressing or used to sweeten your favorite tea.

Dosage: For prevention take one tsp of honey every other day. For treating colds and flu take 1 tsp 3 times a day with the first signs of illness.

If you like this recipe please share it with those you love!

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