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Nutrition, Lifestyle and Herbalism Consulting 

Ready to take your Health to the next level?

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Herbal Consulting 

Kristina has been working in the Health and Wellness field since 2013 and has a wholistic approach to supporting clients every step of their wellness journey. She believes that proper breathing, movement, water, diet and sleep are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. By working with Kristina you will be exposed to simple yet powerful information that will change your life and the life of those you love. Kristina is always learning and growing, staying up to date with the latest research around health and wellness. As your Health Coach, Kristina will observe your efforts and recognize patterns, helping to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. She will suggest recommendations and ask questions to support you to come up with the answers for lasting change.


Kristina’s scope of practice includes making recommendations and suggestions on how to modify your diet, lifestyle and habits to support your optimal health and wellbeing. Working together she may recommend or suggest foods, herbs, supplements, changes in lifestyle including exercise and sleep. She is not a Doctor, She can not and will not diagnose, or prescribe medications or practices to support your health. By choosing to work with her, you understand that you are making these lifestyle changes and choosing to take foods, herbs or supplements under your own free will, working with the recommendations or suggestions Kristina has provided.

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