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Massage Therapy 

Currently offering in-home Massage: New York Metro Area and parts of  Long Island

All sessions are catered to your specific needs and longterm goals


Offering massage therapy services through in Florida, New York or Thailand seasonally 

Swedish Massage

Increase Circulation, Reduce Stress, Pain Management 

Deep Tissue Massage

Support Muscle Recovery, Reduce Muscle Tension, Treat Chronic Pain

Prenatal Massage

Improve Circulation, Reduce Aches and Pains, Improve Oxygenation of the Body

Qi Gong Healing Bodywork

Balance Energy, Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep

Reiki Energy Healing 

Promote healing, boost life force energy, reduce stress


Shiatsu Bodywork

Reduce Stress, Increase Flexibility, Manage Chronic Symptoms 

Services vary, base rate $175 / hour 

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