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FAQ's Doula support

1. Whats your birth philosophy or beliefs about birth? I believe the birth of a baby is a sacred and miraculous event, that childbirth is a natural physiological process and it is the birthing persons right to use their intuition to guide them through this primordial right of passage. I am a witness and support to this process, offering suggestions of comfort measures as labor progresses, responding to the cues of the birthing person, helping to keep the birth space sacred. 

2. Our care provider is a midwife, can we still hire a doula? YES! In fact, some midwives request that first time parents hire a doula to help navigate labor and birth. As a doula I am a non-medical professional who will be there to support you and your partner from the beginning to the end of your labor and birth. Midwives are medical and clinical professionals who's role is to make sure birthing person and baby are healthy and attend to any medical based care they need. As a doula I am a non-medical birth professional whose focus and attention is directed towards supporting you throughout the entire birthing process, emotionally, physically and bridging the gap helping you to be informed. 

3. In the case you are unable to make it to the birth, will we still get support? YES! I work with various back-up doulas. In almost all cases the back up will attend at least one prenatal visit with us, they are contacted if I am unable to get to you right away or in case of other circumstances. 

4. We are having a home birth, do you have experience with home births? YES! At this time I have supported families during both home-birth and hospital births with Midwives and OBGYNs and offer the same service whether in-home or in-hospital. 

5. We are concerned with advocating for our needs during Hospital birth, can you help? YES! I work for YOU, alongside hospital staff to help remind them of your wishes during birth and will work with you during our prenatal sessions to share information about common procedures and practices in hospital so that you are aware and can communicate your birth plan with your OB or Midwifery group. Final decision making is up to the birthing couple, and I will support you whatever your decisions may be.  

6. What types of comfort measures will we learn and use during labor? I will share all of the comfort techniques I have found to be most helpful, including the use of rebozo (Mexican shawl), birth ball, positioning/ changing positions, hydrotherapy (use of water), double hip squeeze, manual massage techniques, acupressure points & marma points, meditation and breathing as well as homeopathy,  herbs and essential oils. I will share all of the above during our prenatal appointments with both you and any birthing partners so you both feel confident applying them at home or in the hospital. 




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