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I love my DoTERRA Essential oils, the blends smell like they were made for me and I love the quality of each oil I've tried. And I've tried many different brands in my 7 Years as a wellness professional! 

12 Simple Steps to Getting The Best Essential Oils



Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you are looking for pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential oils at whole sale prices then you've come to the right place. 

After trying the top oils on the market I found what I was looking for with doTERRA. I've been able to use the oils in my business and share them with my friends and family helping the ones I love while having a lot of fun in the process!

Getting your oils is easy!

To be enrolled under me use my number #4717658, if you wish to have all the help and resources you get on my team.

I’ll break it down for you: 

$150.00 investment will get you 10 premium essential oils + 2 Convenient beadlets (perfect for traveling and on-the-go)

No strings attached. At that point, you’re in!

You can either use the 25% to buy your own oils cheaper or start building your business.

Click HERE and follow these step-by-step instructions to get your oils and start using them ASAP!

Step by step:

Click on the link on the top right bar "Become a member" 

1.Choose either "Whole Sale Customer" or Wellness Advocate or "Sign Me Up" at the bottom of the page 


2. Choose where your products will be shipped and your preferred language. 

3. About you: Fill in your information and make your personal password.

4. Account Type: choose “Whole Sale Customer” (to receive whole sale prices with no obligation) or "dōTERRA Wellness Advocate" (to join my team and start your wellness business).

5. Referral information: it is vital that you confirm that you are under me #4717658, if you wish to have all the help and resources you get on my team, make me your wellness advocate and sponsor using my ID#, #4717658, and Press continue. 

6. Enrollment Kit: Select your enrollment kit to save and waive $35 on the enrollment fee. Choose Family Essentials and Beadlets Enrollment Kit. This includes 10 premium essential oils + 2 Convenient beadlets I went over above and information to get you started!(or choose one of the other enrollment kits)

7. Add other products, if you wish to add more wholesale products to your first order. This is not required but its a great opportunity to get more from your first order! 

8. Review your order, Make sure all of the information is correct 

9. Shipping: choose whichever shipping option suits your needs at this time  

10. Payment: Add your payment information which can be saved to use for future orders. 

11. Essential Rewards!  This is not required if you just want to buy oils, but it’s amazing and it's a super fun and affordable way to start building your oil business, if you’re interested. You'll earn money back on every order and tons of freebies!

12. Welcome email: After you have signed up with doTERRA and put in your order you will receive a welcome email with access to my team within 24 hours.

If you still have questions before joining, send me an email via my doTERRA website


I'm here to help you every step of the way!

Welcome to my apothecary! 

With love & oils, 


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