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3 month Coaching Program 

  • Three months of Nutrition, Lifestyle and Herbal Consulting begins with a detailed intake form. Please be as thorough as possible to get the most out of working together. 


  • Work together officially starts during the first consultation, after you have submitted your intake form, Kristina has gone through it and created your first months protocol (Usually within a week after submitting). 


  • Each Month you will receive a detailed PDF with suggestions to support you achieving your health and wellness goals.


  • Every 2 weeks there will be a 30 minute check-in to discuss how applying your protocol is going and make changes as necessary. 


  • Once a month, a thorough check in lasting about 60 minutes to discuss the next months protocol and a strategy to apply it, in detail. 


  • Unlimited text, email support through your program.

  • Discounted supplements through my website 20% off.


  • When 3 months are complete there will be a closing session to discuss your next steps

  •  $1200 + herbs and supplements 

Call me to schedule a free chat to see how I can help you achieve your wellness goals! 

Image by Lisa Hobbs

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